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WUNH-Durham (91.3 FM): Education systems in Alaska and Japan

August 04, 2017

This program philosophically explores education systems in the United States through the professional experiences of Dr. Kathleen Norris. Dr. Norris has held positions at both the high school and college level in a variety of locations including Alaska, New Hampshire, and Japan. She has been a high school principal, guidance director, teachers, and consultant. 

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Philosophical Conceptions: Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy

WUNH-Durham (91.3 FM): Philosophical Conceptions: Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy

July 28, 2017

This program explores the conceptual philosophies interwoven into the new Doctoral program in Physical Therapy at Plymouth State University developed by Dr. Sean Collins. Dr. Collins, Director of the Doctoral Program at PSU, shares the insights that went into developing the curriculum for this program and outlines three main concepts: Causation, Adaptation, and Systems Thinking; which are central in this transformative approach to education. 

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Choices and Identity

WUNH-Durham (91.3 FM): Reflections on the Holocaust

July 14, 2017

This program philosophically explores the impact the choices we make have upon the identities we form. The discussion focuses in particular on the Holocaust, reflecting upon the lessons we may learn from the choices that were made during this most horrific time in history. Dr. Brandon Haas, a research expert on Holocaust education, shares insights into the impact authority, propaganda, and individual choices had upon the events that unfolded during the Holocaust. Brandon is a Social Studies Education professor and coordinates the Social Studies Education program at Plymouth State University. 

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Raising Awareness Through Art

WUNH-Durham (91.3 FM): Raising Awareness through Art Exhibits

July 07, 2017

This program philosophically explores how art exhibits can raise awareness around current issues and encourage living intentional, meaningful lives. Cynthia Robinson, Director of the Museum of the White Mountains and the Karl Dreyup Exhibitions Program at Plymouth State University, shares her experiences and expertise in organizing inspirational art exhibits that encourage impactful learning and subsequent calls to action.

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Board Games: Strategies and Problem-Solving

WUNH-Durham (91.3 FM): Board Game Strategies and Problem-Solving

June 30, 2017

This show philosophically explores how board games can provide a framework for programming computer-based strategies that solve problems and have the potential to create communities of understanding and entertainment. Dr. Kyle Burke, a professor in the Computer Science and Information Technology Department at Plymouth State University, shares his expertise and insights.

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WUNH-Durham (91.3 FM): Connecting With Our Youth

June 23, 2017

This program focuses on the importance of making connections with our communities and with each other in living reflective and meaningful lives. Special focus is placed on ensuring our youth feel connected and the efforts the Pemi Youth Center in Plymouth, New Hampshire continues to make towards achieving this goal for youth between the ages of 10 and 17. Jessica Dutille, Executive Director of the Pemi Youth Center and Director of High Impact Learning at Plymouth State University, shares the principles and practices adopted at the Pemi Youth Center to focus on making deeply impactful human connections with and among their youth participants in our current society with all of its increasingly complex societal challenges.

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June 16, 2017

Dr. Elizabeth Ahl opened the Philosophy 4 Life Radio Summer 2017 line-up with a philosophical reflection on poetry, including readings of several of her poems. Liz Ahl is a writing professor at Plymouth State University who has authored four chapbooks, been awarded a number of residencies including residencies at Jentel, the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, the Vermont Studio Center, Playa, and the Writer's Colony at Dairy Hollow. Her poetry has won multiple awards including the 2008 Slapering Hol chapbook prize and the 2012 New Hampshire Literary Awards "Reader's Choice" award in poetry. 

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WPCR-PLYMOUTH (91.7 FM): Resilience

October 18, 2016

The Fall 2016 exhibition in the Karl Dreyup Gallery on Plymouth State University's campus focuses on the theme of Resilience through a variety of lenses, featuring artist Jason Mitcham from New York City. The exhibit adopts a collaborative model involving students from a number of different programs, including art, environmental science policy, sustainability, international studies, and more. In this program, Jason discusses how he became interested in resilience and the impact it has had on him and his artwork.

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WUNH-Durham (91.3 FM): Color as a Revitalizing Force

September 15, 2016

Have you ever thought about the impact color has on ourselves as well as on our communities? Do strong, bold colors affect our psyches and senses differently than perhaps softer colors? What is the historical relevance of color preferences during particular time periods? In this episode, these questions are explored through a discussion with New Hampshire artist Marcia Santore, whose works embody strong, bold colors. 

WUNH-Durham (91.3 FM): Color as Experience

August 18, 2016

Do you have a favorite color? Which colors are most prominent in your home? Do the colors you wear tell us about your profession or even glimpses into you? This show explores color as a representation of experience. Dr. Jason Swift, an Art Education professor at Plymouth State University and a studio artist shares interesting insights into the impact color has on human experience.

WUNH-Durham (91.3 FM): Why is the sky blue? The Science of Color

August 04, 2016

Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue or why different leaves appear to be different shades of green? This talk will philosophically reflect upon the physiological and psychological aspects of color with Dr. Lourdes Aviles, outlining four possible aspects for considering color: the quality of light itself, the quality of material being observed, the impact of the physiology of the eye, and the impact of the mind on perception. Dr. Aviles is a Professor of Meteorology at Plymouth State University who is currently writing a book on atmospheric optics. 

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WUNH-Durham (91.3 FM): Connections Across Musical Communities

July 28, 2016

New Hampshire is very fortunate to have a rich musical culture with an ongoing active musical scene. This talk highlights parallel efforts that were occuring to raise awareness and funding for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and the musical inspirations that connected the year-long efforts of  William Gunn (Music Director at Plymouth Regional High School) as highlighted in a previous talk in this series. with two musical compositions by Dr. Jonathan Santore. Dr. Santore shares insights and motivations behind two musical works he composed: Forgetting (inspired by Jane Babin's poem in Pearls in the Pond) and Requiem: Learning to Fall (inspired by Phil Simmon's book sharing the same name).  Dr. Santore is a Professor of Music, Theory, and Composition at Plymouth State University and a Composer in Residence with the New Hampshire Master Chorale.

WUNH-Durham (91.3 FM): The Impact of Music on Child Development and Overall Wellness

July 21, 2016

Music programs can vary greatly from school to school, ranging from rather informal approaches to well-established philosophies of music education. In this program, AJ Coppola shares the philosophy and features of the Kodaly concept for teaching music to elementary school-aged children. and discusses the research-based benefits associated with music and child development. Mr Coppola (or Mr C as he is affectionately referred to by his students) is a music teacher at Campton Elementary School in Campton, New Hampshire, and teaches bassoon at Plymouth State University.

WUNH-Durham (91.3 FM): Music's Ability to Bring People Together

July 14, 2016

This show's focus involves looking at music phenomenologically in order to understand why and how music resonates and brings people together. Dr. Annette Holba explains aspects of playing and experiencing music through concepts of time and perception found in the philosophies of George Hegel (1770-1831), Edmund Husserl (1859-1938), and Martin Heidegger (1889-1976). Dr. Holba is a Rhetoric professor at Plymouth State University, violinist with the Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra, and a student of therapeutic harp.

June 23, 2016

This talk on The Value of Music in Our Community is part of a larger series on philosophical talks around the topic of music. The series explores music through a plethora of lenses including its relevance in our natural world, the healing power of music, music as a mode of communication, and the impact of music on child development and overall well-being. The Value of Music in Our Community will examine the recent efforts of a New Hampshire music teacher, Mr. William Gunn, and his high school students utilizing music in a variety of ways to raise awareness and funds for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS, also commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. Mr. Gunn is the Music Director at Plymouth Regional High School and Treble Choir Chairperson for New Hampshire Music Educators Association.

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