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Life is a choreographed dance with place.

                           Maria Sanders


The only thing more dangerous than knowledge is ignorance.


Upcoming programs include topics on exploring connections with nature and the quest for happiness.


Philosophy 4 Life encourages books, blogs, and creative conversions of blank pages into reflective ideas.


Services include large scale consulting, small group coaching, and individualized mentoring. 


The Quest for Happiness

The ancient Greek philosophers defined eudaimonia as living a full and excellent life. Dr. Maria Sanders explores concepts of happiness and practical research aligned with reports of happiness. This program explores questions like: Can money buy happiness? To what extent does connection with one's community impact happiness? When worldwide surveys of happiness are conducted, why doesn't the United States make the top ten? Participants will be invited to discuss various definitions, current measures for assessing self-reported levels of happiness, specific findings reported as increasing people's levels of happiness, and happiness projects undertaken by entire communities.


The Place We Call Home

A deep awareness of the connectivity between all living things and their natural environments continues to frame core ethical factors essential for understanding the growing tension between innovative progress and nature’s carrying capacity in a contemporary technological culture. The 21st century has witnessed global pandemics, massive climate changes, genetic engineering, and much more. Ethics is derived from the word “ethos” and defines a way of living. By drawing connections between historical normative theories and relevant contemporary issues, Dr. Maria Sanders offers a pragmatic approach for addressing current global challenges through the generative power of nature.

Notebook and Pen


Exploring US

Blog captures a philosopher's journey across the United States. Dr. Maria Sanders traveled to all fifty states during a six-month period exploring how spaces become meaningful places. Exploring US captures many of the unique places experienced during this journey. 

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