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Happiness Quest TV

Happiness Quest is Pemi-Baker Cable TV’s reflective series on the science of happiness as it applies to real lives, cohosted by Jessica Dutille and Dr. Maria Sanders. The series offers philosophical chats interpreting intellectual writings and current research on happiness while exploring practical ways to incorporate these lessons in our everyday lives.

Happiness and Art

Signature Works Project: Gabe Morris

Happiness Quest: Pet Therapy

Happiness and the Holidays

Reflections in Nature

Cycling Across America

Happiness Quest: Lifestyle Changes

Happiness and Self Care

Impact of Food on Happiness

Happiness and Creativity

Happiness and the Impact of Perfection

Happiness and Responsible Risk-Taking

Happiness Quest: Gratitude

Happiness Quest: Friendship

Happiness Quest: Happiness and Stuff

Happiness Quest: Happiness and Leisure

Happiness Quest: Connecting with Happiness

Happiness Quest: Marketing Happiness

Happiness Quest: Is Happiness a Choice?

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Give a Hoot, Win a Root!

Signature Works Project: Alyssa Moodie

Sculpting Happiness

Happiness Quest Service Trip to Jamaica

Arts and the Community

Finding Happiness in Retirement

Adopting a Life Philosophy

Happiness and Vacations

Happiness and Time

Happiness and Grief

Happiness and Goals

Happiness and the Weather

Happiness Quest: Respect

Happiness Quest: Impact of Worry on Happiness

Happiness Quest: Still More Stuff

Happiness and Balance

Happiness Quest: Your Happy Place

Happiness Quest: Pilot

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